3 Benefits of an Incentive Travel Program


No matter what your business entails, how you treat your employees will determine how successful your business becomes. To guarantee that employees are satisfied in their roles, employers come up with numerous incentive programs, and Incentive travel happens to be one of them. Travel Incentive refers to the promise of being treated to appealing and exotic travel destinations by an employer to his employees as a way of motivating their efforts.

In this post, the specialists at our Nashville airport shuttle will be discussing how incentive programs benefit a business in order to allow you to make the decision on whether, as an employer, you would like to establish one for your business.

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Now, here are a few compelling reasons why any business venture would benefit from a Travel Incentive program.

Boost Employee Productivity

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of travel incentive; happiness and productivity go hand-in-hand. There are those who will argue that you can push past unhappiness and dissatisfaction to complete tasks, but several scientific studies have also proven that being happy really does make a person more productive. As such, it is in the best interest of any business owner to make their work environment as psychologically and emotionally healthy as possible.

When your employees feel fulfilled in the workplace, when they do not cringe at the thought of showing up to work in the morning, then you are guaranteed a productive workforce; a well-oiled machine that will lead your business to the achievement of its goals, and a travel incentive program can give you just that.

More Effective than Cash Bonuses

Cash bonuses have been deemed to be one of the most ineffective ways of boosting employee morale and fulfillment. No matter how large the bonus may be, employees will treat it as salary and will use it to pay bills and purchase items they have been saving for. On the contrary, travel incentive has been proven to motivate and inspire employee morale because they consider it to be an experience, they would never have organized for themselves, at least not in the immediate future.


Your employees are basically your brand ambassadors; they may never say anything negative about the business or the job to your face, but if they feel dissatisfied in their place of work, the world will definitely find out. Similarly, if the travel incentive makes them feel more fulfilled at the workplace, they will share their experience with friends/family and even on social media, which will boost the reputation of your business, making it more likely for you to attract talent in the future.

Posted on Feb 26th 2019

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