3 Exceptional Destinations for Music Lovers


America is undoubtedly one of the world’s most culturally diverse countries and as a result Country Music, Jazz, Blues, Rock n Roll, Hip-Hop, EDM, you name it, all have a home here. Given how intertwined the nation’s history is with its music, it comes as no surprise that there are cities that grew to become music hubs. If you are music enthusiast, there is really no better place to discover musical points of interest such as landmarks and historical venues.

As music lovers, our limo service in Nashville has done some research on some of the United States most promising music destinations and compiled them in this post for your enjoyment. Consider employing the services of our car service in Nashville for this adventure. Enjoy the comfort and deluxe amenities of our luxury vehicles as our professionally trained and knowledgeable chauffeurs drive you across any one of these symphonious havens.



Nashville is the Music Capital of the United States and this has earned it the title of the ‘Music City’. From the Ryman Auditorium, the RCA Studio, honky tonks, and legendary music arenas, music in Nashville is not just a construct, it’s a living, breathing thing. The Music City has made music a way of life and everywhere you turn you can hear the sound of it. It’s never about selling records in Nashville, its more about live performances, vintage musical guitars, dancing, and neon lights throughout the night.


New Orleans

New Orleans has a rich culture with a deep and intimate history with music. In the 19th Century, slaves would gather at the Congo Centre to sing and dance, one of the few places in the country that they were allowed to publicly do so. Here the lively, rhythmic tunes of African heritage mixed with creative European sounds to create the sensual Jazz genre that then spread across the world and inspired every generation since. Jazz has several variations influenced by its evolution in different regions, but the original New Orleans Jazz has a snap to it, and in this city it’s more than just music. Every note carries with it history, joy, and soul.



Not many people know this, but this unassuming Washington city is the birth place of Grudge Rock N Roll and was also home to some of some of the most influential musical acts of the 21st Century including Pearl jam, Nirvana, and Blind Melon. Grunge was born in the streets of Seattle in the early 1990s and even though its popularity has faded over the years, having been replaced by Electronic Rock and Hip-Hop, Seattle still smells like teen spirit. If you are a grunge fan, we recommend that you visit the Curt Cobain memorial located in Viretta Park, where some of his love letters and lyrics are sprawled across two park benches close to his former home. Also, take the time to swing by the London Bridge Studio, where Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and Sound Garden recorded some of their most popular hits.

Posted on Sep 4th 2018

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