3 Tips for Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling


We know the year has just begun and it has barely been a month since your last vacation, but that doesn’t mean you should wait until the last minute to start planning for our next getaway. We are assuming that your next vacation will be during summer, maybe earlier if you’re lucky. After working hard in the first quarter of the year, you will probably need a break to unwind and this will probably entail traveling.

The specialists at our car service in Nashville have therefore decided to share some information that will go a long way in making your trip as safe and satisfying as possible. In this post, we will be discussing measures you can take to help you keep your money safe during your next vacation in order to avoid unnecessary inconveniences that could turn your trip into a nightmare.

The very first measure you should take is contracting the services of a reputable car service such as our airport shuttle limo service in Nashville. Concierge car services such as ours offer you a level of security that is impossible to find when you are using conventional means of transportation. All you have to do is inform the company of your pick up location and time, and a professional chauffeur will be there to pick you up when you arrive. The chauffeur will also help you with any luggage you may have, then transfer you to a destination of your choice in a private and comfortable luxury vehicle. Now, let’s have a look at a few more measures you can take to keep your money safe on the road.

1. Don’t Flash your Money

This is a little obvious, but we need to say it out loud to make sure that it sticks. Keep your money out of sight when you are traveling. No matter where you are, whether you are going shopping in an upscale center, going hiking, or dining at a restaurant, never pull out a large sum of money in public because you can never be too sure what kind of attention you will be attracting. We recommend organizing your money beforehand and only bringing what you will need for the particular activity you are about to take part in.

2. Keep Emergency Bank Numbers at Hand

It is not unusual for travelers to lose their credit and debit cards. If this does happen, you need to be able to contact your bank immediately to cancel the card and request for a replacement. To be able to do this before anyone takes advantage of the situation and uses your cards, you need to make sure that you have all necessary emergency bank numbers with you before you leave for your vacation.

3. Set up Passwords for all Devices

Phones and laptops can also turn out missing when you are on the road and whoever finds them may have access to your financial accounts, apps, and information if you have not set up passwords on the devices. If a thief accesses your accounts, chances are they will make fraudulent purchases and withdrawals that will leave you in the hole. Therefore, set up passwords and auto-lock functions on all your devices before leaving to ensure that you stay protected even if you end up misplacing your property.

Posted on Jan 22nd 2019

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