4 Effective Traveling Tips for 2020


2020 is here, and your itinerary for places to visit is adding up quickly. As you being to research and plan your destinations, view these travel tips that are sure to lessen travel stress as you enjoy your leisurely adventures domestically and internationally.

1. Pack Light

In 2020, challenge yourself to be intentional with your packing. Make sure you take items that are essentials to your trip. A few "must-haves" are okay but don't get carried away; Especially when you consider the additional fees associated with an over-the-limit suitcase.

2. Go Down in Size and Up on Quality

With the money you saved from baggage fees, you can treat yourself to a luxury add-on such as room services, massages, and professional chauffeur services. If you are flying into Nashville, you can have our chauffeured limo service pick you up from the airport and drop you off to your hotel safely.

3. Research Flights ASAP

Flights are more expensive as you approach the travel date. For instance, if you are planning to visit Greece late summer or early fall of this year, you start looking into flights well in advance. Cheaper flights get booked fast. This is also true of popular hotels and Airbnb’s.

4. Ensure Your Well-Being: Purchase Travel Insurance

Seasoned travelers will tell you that you should never go anywhere without travelers' insurance, especially if you plan to travel abroad. No one ever needs protection until they need protection. It would be awful to get sick or hurt before or during your vacation. Travelers' insurance can save you thousands of dollars if your plans change suddenly because of an illness.

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Posted on Feb 19th 2020

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