5 Habits that are good to have in life


Life is good, and sometimes we need a little nudge to remember to be good to ourselves. Here are a few habits to have in life that will keep you on the right path to health and happiness.


Caring for Your Body

Diet and exercise are no-brainers in the realm of good habits, but there’s more to caring for the body. It’s essential to create boundaries beyond the basics. Become conscious of everything you put in and on your body. Start practicing the habit of choosing organic foods in lieu of genetically modified ‘food.’ Your body will notice the difference, and you’ll likely have a better mental outlook, too.


Be Mindful of Personal Emotions

Busy people often neglect their own emotional health by putting the feelings of others above our own, particularly within our immediate family and social circles. However, this can lead to poor mental health, depression, and outright frustrations that lead to emotional breakdowns. While it can be challenging and seem a bit selfish to put yourself as number one, doing so is vital to overall well being. Easy steps to preserve your emotional well being include:


  1. Stepping back from stressful situations and people when possible
  2. Allowing yourself quiet time to meditate and/or breathe deeply when stressed
  3. Learning to express yourself with others when they burden you


Daily Goal Setting

Manifest your reality by setting goals and visualize yourself making them come to fruition. Take a moment to write down new goals every day, and take pride in crossing out the ones you have completed. Achieving just one goal can give you the mental boost necessary to keep striving towards others and give you a fresh new attitude that fosters success in all aspects of your life. Be sure to make short and long term goals, and remember that the sky is the limit. Not all goals have to be realistic, but you want to keep a few within reach that allow you take advantage of the awesome feeling of crossing some out.


Have an Attitude of Gratitude

You’ve heard the old adage, “Attitude is everything.” While seemingly simplistic in concept, there’s more to having the right attitude than merely being positive minded. If you can create a habit of being grateful for everything that happens in life - whether you currently perceive it as positive or negative - you’ll create an entirely new field of energy surrounding you. Not only can an attitude of gratitude help you realize your biggest goals, but others will likely be attracted to your newfound sense of peace.


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Posted on Jan 17th 2017

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