5 Tips for Improving Your Corporate Image


As a manager, you should never underestimate the impact of corporate image and identity on the success of your company. Your image has a direct effect on the brand recognition, reputation, and customers’ preference. It is thus important you come up with ways to improve your image out there and change people’s perception about your brand. Here is what we recommend.


Be Active in Social Media

Social media has over one billion users. These users have the potential to build the image of your company and make it go viral. So, go online and create an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media platform you think will help boost your corporate image. Do not just create an account and leave it there hoping it will make an impact. Be active and engage your audience. Come up with fun and interesting conversations and talk to your audience as a friend, not a salesman.


Determine What Image Your Employees Display

Your employees are your brand ambassadors. The way people perceive them out there has a huge impact on your brand. Employees who do not know what your company stands for will put off most people. The same applies to employees who do not dress properly or are too shy to communicate effectively. You need to devote your time to ensure the employees represent the company in a positive way. This could mean organizing training sessions or implementing policies.


Build an Attractive Website

Many people research online before they make purchasing decisions. As a result, you need to create a good website so that you can be found online. The website must look professional and be informative. It must also be user-friendly to enable visitors to navigate through it easily while also making sure it does not take a lot of time to load pages. A larger percentage of internet users shy away from sites that take more than three seconds to load. We recommend employing search engine marketing experts to help you come up with a good website.


Tell Your Story

Determine what you want your customers to know and then forge media relations campaigns. Find out the media channels your customers prefer and secure an ad space in each of them. Let the ad be about the history of your company and testimonies from past clients, not a sales pitch.


Organize an Event

Organizing an event in the community where your business is located will give you the perfect platform to show people the good side of your company. The event can either be a football match, cooking frenzy or seminar. Make sure the event has all the amenities the visitors will need. These may include ground transportation, sanitation, food and many others.

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Posted on Aug 8th 2017

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