5 Tips for Your Next Business Trip


Nashville is home to 11 Fortune 500 companies and numerous other well-known businesses and corporations. The bustling city is also the chosen location for many business-related events, from tradeshows to corporate affairs, and is a tech hub filled with millennials, college students, and entrepreneurs. If you are headed to Music City, U.S.A. for business in the near future, use the five tips below to minimize headaches and hardships of travel while minimizing the productivity and fun.


Tip One: Arrange Transportation Immediately

More than one million people live in the Davidson County statistical area. Nashville isn’t a small city and it’s easy to get lost. Even locals do not want to find themselves lost in the city! Arranging transportation before departure saves time and hassle and reduces the need for use of public transportation. Rental cars are available throughout Nashville. If you’re arriving at BNA, a Nashville airport shuttle is available, though we also offer airport transportation Nashville visitors can appreciate. It’s much easier to leave the driving to the locals when you’re new in town.


Tip Two: Pack Lightly

Clean out your luggage before heading out for your Nashville business adventure, removing any unnecessary and unneeded items that have accumulated during your travels. Overstuffing causes difficulty finding things as they’re needed and can add costs and fees to the travel rates. Packing lightly without leaving behind the essentials is possible. Check out the weather ahead of time and ensure that you can differentiate between needs and wants before packing!


Tip Three: Make Lists

Life is hectic when traveling, attending meetings, and otherwise handling day-to-day activities. You can jot down hotel names and telephone numbers, attractions that you want to visit while in town, important notes for the meeting, and more. List creation is simple, and while it may take a few minutes of your time, is well-worth every second spent organizing your life. It’s okay to make multiple lists to better organize your life. These lists also help prevent forgetfulness!


Tip Four: Entertainment is Important

A long flight is boring if you aren’t prepared with entertainment. A good book is always your friend during a flight, though you might opt to go over minutes from the meeting or other important documents. You should also bring along personal effects for entertainment for the hotel. Sure, you'll want to check out hotspots like Country Music Hall of Fame, Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, The Loveless Cafe, Ryman Auditorium, and the plethora of other Nashville attractions, but that time in the hotel room shouldn’t be in vain! Bring the entertainment and get ready for fun.


Tip Five: Extend the Trip

Nashville is a beloved city with so much to offer visitors, especially those fond of country music. Head downtown to Second Avenue for the true honky-tonk experience but ensure that you venture out elsewhere, so you aren’t missing the attractions. There’s something for everyone to enjoy in Nashville. Why not plan to stay just a little longer and enjoy this amazing destination for all that it is worth?

Posted on Feb 27th 2018

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