Best Websites and Apps for Business Travel


The Internet is a great travel agent, but your travel agent, in this case, can only be as good as you know them; it all boils down to knowing which sites offer you the best advice, deals, warnings etc. Unfortunately, a lot of travelers are not familiar with which domains to access to make their travel experiences much more convenient. Our Limo Service in Nashville has therefore decided to share some of the best travel websites for business travelers and we hope you find them extremely helpful.


Tripit acts as a virtual travel assistant, helping you plan and organize all your transportation and lodging plans. For example, the website stores all your transportation, meeting, and lodging details and synchs them with your calendar to ensure that your trip goes exactly as you had pictured it in your mind. Tripit also synchs these details with an easy-to-use mobile app that makes it easy to check and update your schedule as well as notify you of any major changes in your transportation and boarding arrangements; for example, a sudden change in your flight’s terminal.

Airfare Watchdog

This app has been specifically designed to alert the user of airline deals that they would be unable to keep track of while they are on the move. However, unlike other air-travel apps, Airfare Watchdog keeps track of JetBlue and Southwest airlines and ensures that there are vacant seats available before notifying you and sending you on a wild goose chase.

Startup Travels

Startup Travels was created to help users find and connect with other entrepreneurs while they are in a new city/town, which enables you to network with new and interesting people. Depending on how well you get along with your contacts on the app, you may end up forming a new and lucrative business connection or, at the very least, getting a place to crash and save yourself the cost of hotel fees.

CBT for Insomnia

In movies, business people seem to spend most of their time on the road but never seem to succumb to the adverse effects of constant travel. However, in real life, frequent travelers will tell you that excessive travel takes its toll on a person. This is why Dr. Gregg Jacobs, a Harvard Medical School researcher, developed the CBT app. CBT is a cognitive behavioral therapy application that will help you combat the negative effects of excessive travel through a five-session online course. The only downside is that this app is not free; users have to pay a $29.85 fee for it, but it is definitely worth it.


Kayak was launched in 2004, and has been growing in global popularity ever since. Unlike CBT, Kayak is wholly supported by advertisements, so it comes completely free for users. Kayak, is arguably the most popular travel website in the market right now. It, however, works more like a search engine than a conventional travel app; once a user has identified a hotel, flight, travel package, car rental service, etc., they have to go to the actual site for the actual booking.

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Posted on Feb 20th 2018

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