How to Breeze Through Airport Security


At our Nashville car service, our chauffeurs spend much of their day bringing people to and from the airport. We understand how convenient a transportation company in Nashville can be for providing tips and tricks for breezing through security at the airport. You want to get through security with as little hassle as possible, we have the knowledge to help you make that happen.

  1. TSA List Online

It's not a mystery what the TSA expects when you pass through security. It's just a bit confusing. They don't want knives or weapons in your carry-on bags. They allow knives of a certain length and guns if you have a permit. They have prohibited items for you to peruse as well. It's a long and daunting list, and you should study it like a high-school final exam.


  1. Packing with Security in Mind

If you are checking your bags, you won't have to worry about unpacking anything, but a long trip means you'll likely want your laptop or tablet with you. When walking through security, you'll need to remove items from your carry-on bags like laptops, tablets, phones and other electronics. If you have to search through your bag, you're going to make the process longer than it needs to be. Instead, have them located in the front of the bag or in a separate area where they're easily accessed.


  1. Make Everything Tiny

Before packing your bottles of perfume or fancy conditioner into your carry-on bag, think about how you'll feel when you have to turn them over to the TSA. If you really need to bring bottles of shampoo and conditioner in your carry-on, buy travel-versions at the store or buy small containers for storing your favorites.


  1. Easily-Removed Clothing

At the airport, you'll often have to remove your jewelry, bulky jackets and shoes. Instead of wearing the tightest sweater that takes minutes to remove, choose a lightweight option. Avoid wearing lace-up boots and opt for a pair of shoes that can easily slip on and off at a moment's notice. You don't want to have to drag all your outerwear, shoes and electronics to the other side to get yourself situated again.


  1. Arrive Early

While it might be a pain to arrive early for your flight, you'll save yourself much aggravation at the security checkpoint. When you arrive early, you beat all the other people who will show up late as well as the crowds of people who will keep you from getting to your flight on time. Our chauffeurs can safely get you to the airport with plenty of time to make it through security and catch your flight.


It can be a bit complicated and time-consuming to fly when you have to pass through rigorous security checks, but with a bit of planning, it doesn't have to be nearly as stressful as you'd expect. Carefully read the TSA list and arrive with plenty of time for the security check.

Posted on Jan 24th 2017

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