Business Travel: 3 Tips on Saving Money on the Road


Traveling for work can be exciting. It’s a chance to break from your usual work environment, see new places, and interact with new people. However, business travel, especially as an entrepreneur, can be quite costly. Having been in the travel business for years now, our specialists have picked some tips along the way on effective ways to save money on the road. This is what we will be sharing with you, our esteemed clients, in this post.

The very first measure you should take is to employ the services of a reputable car service such as our Nashville airport shuttle. Most people will automatically assume that black car services as significantly more expensive in comparison to conventional means of transportation, but the truth is, they are only slightly more expensive when you are on your own, and become cheaper than conventional means of transportation when you are traveling as a group and can split the cost.

Further, as a business traveler, time is money, you need to be at meetings, at the airport, or even at the hotel on time in order to ensure that your itinerary is adhered to and that all business undertakings are handled as smoothly as they had been planned. Our staff and our professionally trained chauffeurs consider all logistical factors including weather, time of day, traffic, best routes, etc., to ensure that you arrive on, or ahead of time to your destinations, and that quality of service is invaluable.

Pack Lunch

If you plan to be on the road too long, we recommend packing several snacks before you leave home as opposed to stopping to purchase fast foods every few hours. Note, however, whatever you choose, ensure that your snacks are neither complicated nor messy, so no tacos, ribs, etc. This will not only save your wallet some stress, but it will save you a bunch of time you would have spent stopping for food along the way.

Customer Reward Programs

Besides signing up for hotel and airline reward programs, there are numerous retail outlets that are willing to reward you for your loyalty. In order to maximize the benefits from these programs, we recommend creating an email address specifically designated to these stores’ online mailings. Collect all the cards that you can and continually check the accounts for bonus coupons every time you need to shop. Also, you can boost your rewards and discounts by gathering points through rewards credit cards; these points can then be redeemed for cash or other benefits at a wide range of stores.

E-Mail Notifications

Hotel sales and airfare offers largely go unnoticed to the general public because they are not made through conventional marketing channels such as social media, T.V, or radio; some of these offers even go unannounced. We, therefore, recommend signing up for e-mail notifications and newsletters from your favorite travel brands. These will allow you to strategically schedule your trips and receive alerts on last-minute deals.

For your next business trip, experience the difference with the best car service Nashville has to offer. We have developed our business travel solutions to provide luxury transportation that meets your unique travel needs. Our combined experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, and knowledge come together in each service we provide. 

Posted on Apr 9th 2019

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