Why Chauffeured Services, not “ride-sharing” is a necessity for Women Travelers


There is a troubling trend in many metropolitan areas including Nashville: travelers who do not know their way around cities are opting for ride-sharing. However, there are good reasons why our car service in Nashville will be preferred, especially for females who are traveling alone.

No Strangers In The Car

An obvious benefit of our car service is that travelers will not have to endure the company of strangers in the car. Sometimes passengers in ride-sharing services will engage in nefarious activities, such as smoking weed in the backseat or taking shots of liquor. The effects on the driver could compromise your safety. Beyond that, the strangers could pressure a female passenger to join them, generating a very uncomfortable atmosphere for a professional.


It could be dangerous for a female passenger to be alone with strangers. Lonely men tend to use ride-sharing services as a hookup joint. Further, the driver and the passengers would also have access to the female's home or hotel address after dropping her off. The sketchiness surrounding these drivers creates an obvious reason to prefer a trusted car service.

Our Chauffeurs Work For Us

Typically, ride-sharing services employ drivers as independent contractors. This means that if the driver harasses or stalks a female in some way, the ride-sharing service cannot be held accountable for damages. The fact that this measure is in place should alert travelers about the dangers of these services and incline them toward a respectable chauffeured service.

Good Impressions

Professionals who arrive at a business meeting through a ride-sharing service might not create an ideal first impression. But if she uses our limo service in Nashville, her colleagues will know to take her seriously.


Our chauffeurs emphasize organization and punctuality. On the other hand, many have reported that it is difficult to rely on ride-sharing services. Some of these services have even faced legal issues and were shut down when they could not conform to local regulations. Our limo service vigilantly ensures accord with all of the local guidelines.

Ride-Sharing Takes Longer

Ride-sharing means that the driver is taking multiple people to their destination. If a traveler gets in the car last, she will have to wait until the others are dropped off, and they may need to arrive on the opposite side of Nashville. Whereas, our chauffeured service will take our clients directly to their destination.

Availability During Rush Hour

If you hire our chauffeurs for a weekend, we will be there to escort to you even during the busiest time of the day. On the other hand, it might be difficult to rely on a ride-sharing service during rush hour. Many agree that it is difficult to find a ride or that they take forever to arrive. In fact, some ride-sharing services charge outrageous fees during certain hours.

Our limo service provides a personal, professional and efficient complement to the traveling experience. You will not have to stress out about who you will be in the car with or what they will be doing. Just sit back in our limo and enjoy your trip.

Posted on Jun 13th 2017

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