How to Choose the Perfect Ground Transportation Service for Your Meetings, Groups and Special Events


We all like perfect experiences and perfect things. The perfect dinner, perfect day, perfect steak, perfect martini, and perfect bowling score are some of the words we use to describe the elements, qualities, and characteristics that make up our experiences and the things that are meaningful in our lives. Perfect is as good as it gets, and we hold on to that mental perception as long as possible. But perfect has a different meaning to some people. Perfection may describe the attainment of certain rules or the quest to conquer unique circumstances, so the art of experiencing perfect is a subjective thought about individual objective experiences.

How to Choose the Perfect Ground Transportation Service

In the business world and our personal life, we want to experience perfect situations. Perfect products and perfect services make life a little easier. We constantly ask questions about products and services, so we can find the perfect flight, perfect meeting, or perfect ground transportation services when we attend meetings, or when we are involved in special events in unfamiliar towns and states. Asking the right questions is an art. It takes knowledge, research, and confidence to find a limo service that meets all the criteria for perfect ground transportation to special events and corporate meetings. Choosing the perfect ground transportation service that can get you to the airport, or can take you from the airport to another destination is not always easy, especially when you are visiting a city for the first time.

Advent Transportation Service offers clients the perfect Nashville limo service. We have mastered the art of providing safe and comfortable ground transportation in luxury vehicles while also providing clients with knowledgeable and personable chauffeurs. Chauffeurs who understand the value of time and money. And chauffeurs who know the city like the back of their hand, especially when they provide Nashville airport transportation service to clients living in or visiting satellite cities around the metropolitan area of Music City.

Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing Ground Transportation

Advent Transportation Service understands the need for perfection, and that’s why our company likes to answer questions before anyone makes a personal reservation or a company books our services for corporate meetings or special events.

  • The first question people usually ask us is how long have we been in business, and do we offer special prices? We have been in business for more than 20 years, and our rates are competitive.
  • Prospective clients usually want to know if we have an app that makes the reservation process easier or an app that can update vehicle and chauffeur information. New clients also want to see a photo of the chauffeur before they make a reservation, and our app can do that.
  • New clients also want to know what our fleet looks like. Having the right SUV, luxury sedan, stretch limo, or motor coach that suits the personal and business needs of clients should be discussed in detail before reservations are made.
  • Insurance is another concern for clients. Clients want to know if our company has the required amount of insurance on all vehicles in the fleet. The answer is yes we do.
  • Asking questions about our company’s service standards is very important. Clients should know the kind of service our chauffeurs and other employees deliver to our clients. We hire professional chauffeurs. We never use contract drivers. We also encourage customer feedback, and we share that feedback, so new clients can read comments before they book our services.

Posted on May 30th 2017

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