Our Commitment to Excellence: Duty of Care


What sets Advent Limo apart from other limo services is our duty of care. We put forth a lot of effort to ensure our clients and customers are our number one priority. Our Duty of Care Commitment is what helps us reach that goal every day. Whether you’re looking for limo service in Nashville or airport transportation in Nashville, our company offers both services with excellent care. To help you understand how we put our customers first, understanding our commitment to you is imperative.


Experienced Chauffeurs

The most important thing we offer our clients is our highly-trained chauffeurs. We don’t offer drivers to our clients. We offer chauffeurs with appropriate training, the right level of commitment, and the excellence needed to bring your experience with our company to a level of satisfaction you won’t find elsewhere. It’s our job to make sure your trip is safe, luxurious, and comfortable, and that’s what our team provides each time.


High-Quality Luxury

You won’t find old vehicles waiting for you when we arrive. Our vehicles are all new, high-quality, and they all feature the most upscale luxury imaginable. We want our clients to feel safe and welcome in our vehicles, but we also want you surrounded by luxury. There’s nothing our vehicles don’t feature, and we ensure you have precisely what you want when you ride with us.



Our vehicles and our chauffeurs are all insured to the highest degree. It’s unlikely you will be involved in an accident with our experienced chauffeurs, but in the event you are, we have the best insurance possible to cover your medical bills and any personal property loss that occurs because someone else causes an accident in our vehicles.


Personalized Service

One thing that sets us apart more than any other is our commitment to personalized service. Our goal is to ensure you always feel your ride is the most personal in the industry. We don’t drive you from one point to another and leave you there. We personalize our service so you can make stops if you choose, so you can take the scenic route if you prefer, and so you always have what you need. Our chauffeurs want your experience to be the best, and we are willing to make that happen by personalizing our service to you.

Hiring a limo company is an easy decision. You needn’t wait for other transportation, you needn’t take your own car, and there’s no need to stand in line for a rental car at the airport taking up valuable time you probably don’t have. Our service is available all hours of the day, and our professional chauffeurs are experienced driving in any type of weather any time of the day. Let us show you by example how important our duty of care is to our company and our passengers. Call us today to book your transportation needs to find out what sets us apart from other services.

Posted on Mar 7th 2017

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