Essentials Tips for Packing for a Business Trip


Packing for a business trip is significantly different from packing for a vacation; it requires a certain level of consideration because the goal is to stay organized and look polished, all the while being careful to keep your luggage light. Our Nashville airport shuttle regularly handles business travelers and, as such, we were inspired to put together a list of some packing tips for professionals. Read on and find out what our favorite packing tips are and pack like a pro for all your subsequent business trips.

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Have a Pre-Packed Travel Bag

If you are a frequent business traveler, ensure that you always have a pre-packed bag laying around. Your pre-packed bag will include travel essentials like toiletries, slippers, chargers for all your devices, and important travel documents. Ideally, this prepacked bag will be small enough to fit in the overhead compartments of a plane for easy access.



Once you have decided which outfits you will be carrying for the trip, it’s time to decide how you are going to pack them into your suitcase. Now, you are heading for a business trip and you may not have the time to iron and, even if you do, we are sure you would prefer to avoid repeating the process. If you want your clothes to arrive wrinkle-free, you can either fold them flat or roll them; try both and see which one works best for you.


Easy on the Shoes

Not a lot of people realize this, but shoes are actually the bulkiest and heaviest items in your luggage. To reduce the bulkiness of your luggage, we recommend that you try getting away with one pair, preferably black, inconspicuous ones. If your trip is significantly long and you must have an extra pair, choose between a casual pair or a different colored official shoe, but not both. Also, shoes should always be placed at the bottom of your suitcase when packing. Pack rolled up socks and underwear inside of them to maximize space.


Expense Records

Do not wait to get back from you trip to get your travel expenses in order; organize your expenses on the go, otherwise you risk losing some receipts and you could end up paying for those out of your own pocket. Draft expenses on your expense sheet folder at the end of each day. Or even better, download a mobile application such as QuickBooks which will help you record and keep track of all your expenses. Also, take backup pictures of all your receipts; these are small pieces of paper and no matter how careful we are; they are quite easy to misplace.

Posted on Oct 9th 2018

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