How to Get Through the Holidays without Breaking the Bank


The Christmas holiday is one of our favorite seasons of the year; it’s such magical time.  Among other things, you get to spend time with friends and family you haven’t seen in ages and transform your home totally with Christmas decor. But undeniably, there is a side to Christmas that’s not all that bright. We’re talking about all those presents, all the eat-outs, and all the drinks; these don’t come cheap and it can get a little overwhelming especially if you’re not financially strategic. For this reason, our Limo Service in Nashville has come up with a few tricks that you can apply to ensure that you don’t go broke during the holidays.

Create a Separate Christmas Account.

This is a separate bank account where you will deposit money that you intend to spend over the Christmas period. This is so easy because if you start early, you can deposit as little as $20 a week. So assuming you had started saving in the first week of January, by November you could have saved close to $1000 dollars that you won’t feel guilty about spending, making your holiday stress-free and extra special. Most banks have a Locked Savings account and to avoid the temptation of withdrawing your savings mid-year, it would be wise to sign up for such an account where you will only be able to access your savings at the beginning of December.

Create a List of What You Already Have

Holiday decor gets tucked away in the attic or in closets and we forget about it until the next December. It’s, therefore, quite easy to go out and purchase more of what we already have, which is quite frankly unnecessary. Anticipate the activities you will be partaking in during the holidays, make a list of what you need and cross off what you already have in your possession to avoid unnecessary expenditure. Sure the process might be tedious and it would just be easier to head out and purchase all the stuff you want but you will find that you have most of these items stashed away somewhere, so go through all your storage locations and give your wallet and storage space a break.

Schedule your Shopping for Mega Sale Dates

Do you want to get more for less? A great way to score sweet deals and save money in the process is to schedule your Christmas shopping for mega sales dates such as Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Boxing Day, and whatever other mega sale offers are available to you in your city/town. These mega sales dates are when stores offer shoppers discounts on most of their items, so keep that in mind as you’re planning to purchase gifts for your loved ones, you will spend a lot less than you would have spent on an ordinary day at the mall.

Remember, you don’t have to Buy Everyone a Gift

Hey, just because someone got you something last Christmas, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to break the bank this time to outdo them. Similarly, just because someone surprised you with a gift you weren’t expecting doesn’t mean you now have to run out and ruin your budget just to return the favor. We understand the pressure that comes with exchanging gifts during Christmas season, but remember, Christmas is about giving freely and just because you didn’t get everyone a gift doesn’t mean you don’t value them, there are many ways to make a loved one feel appreciated.

Posted on Dec 19th 2017

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