How to Handle Air Travel with Kids


We may just have said goodbye to the holidays but that doesn’t mean we will never have another one, right? It’s not too early to start planning how you want to approach the journey when the time comes. This is especially so when you are planning to fly with kids, which could easily turn into a nightmare. They could spend the whole flight acting up, crying, and screaming, and nobody wants that. This way you may end up arriving more exhausted than excited. To avoid such a situation, the specialists at our car service in Nashville have come up with a few tips on how to handle air travel with kids for the best possible outcome.

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Arrive Early

Most airlines will request passengers with small children to proceed to the gate even before it’s time to board. The airline is essentially telling you that they understand you may be having a difficult time traveling with small children, if you haven’t already, and they want to do what little they can to ease the burden. This gives you time to board and have the kids settled before all the other passengers even arrive. If you arrive late, however, you may end up missing out on this privilege, and now you have to fight through the hordes of passengers as you try to get the kids settled.

Flight Attendants

When flying with kids, the flight attendants are your biggest allies, so make sure to have a special conversation with them before the flight takes off. Most of the time, attendants are eager to assist you with whatever you need and showing such courtesy for their service will surely have them at your beck and call if any special circumstances should arise.


Sure the flight attendants will assist you with a pen or napkin if you are desperate to keep your bundle of joy distracted, but you should also come prepared. Bring a portable DVD player, an iPad, stickers, a coloring book, pop-up books, their favorite toy, etc. Basically, anything you know would keep the kids distracted for long periods of time. This will keep them occupied and less restless, saving you a lot of trouble.

Be Prepared for the Worst

We don’t mean to scare you, but this is a possibility you should anticipate. If your kid becomes fussy even after you have tried to distract them, you have to be willing to weather the storm. Don’t let the frustration ruin the whole trip for you; anticipating trouble may not be the best advice, but it will certainly help you go through the situation should it go sideways.

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Posted on Feb 12th 2019

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