How to Stay Safe While Driving at Night


Undoubtedly, driving at night is far more dangerous than driving in natural light. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents conducted a study in 2017 that revealed that roughly 40% of all road accidents occur at night when all natural light has subsided. The obvious reason behind this is the reduced visibility and the inability to be able to accurately judge the speed and distance of other vehicles.

Our car service Nashville specialists therefore found it imperative to come up with a few tips that you can apply to maintain your safety and that of others every time you are behind the wheel at night.

Before we proceed, consider employing the services of our limo service in Nashville every time you are faced with the tasking possibility of having to travel at night. Our professional chauffeurs have received advanced training that enables them to maintain the highest level of precaution in the darkest of hours, guaranteeing that you always arrive safely to your destination as you comfortably enjoy the luxuries of our vehicles, no matter what time of the night you may need to hit the road. Now, without further ado, let us have a look at some safety tips you too can apply when driving in the twilight hours.



If for whatever reason you have to travel during hours you would normally be asleep, get some rest before embarking on your journey. According to the 2017, Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents study mentioned above, falling asleep behind the wheel is the cause of 20% of all road accidents. If the journey was an impromptu one, you may also want to consider taking a cup of coffee to keep you alert on your journey and if the journey is a long one, it may also be a good idea to consider finding a trusted co-driver to take over the minute you start feeling drowsy.


Dim your Dash Lights

Most cars come with dash-light dimming knobs or switches; driving at night with your dash lights on max will compromise your forward vision, so use those switches and turn the lights down low. In fact, racers commonly cover up their dashboards completely to avoid distraction by the brightness and stray reflections. While you shouldn’t emulate these professionals, turning down your lights serves the same purpose; reducing glare and allowing you to focus better ahead of you.


Wipe Down your Windshield

A windshield that appears perfectly clear during the day may have streaks that enhance glare at night. One trick most people don’t know about is that wiping down the windshield with a newspaper removes any residue and streaks that may have been left behind by a normal wipe down. Don’t just stop at the windshield too; wipe down your rearview mirror and side mirrors for 360-degree clarity. On that note, it is advisable to keep at least one old newspaper in your vehicle at all times in case you have to quickly dash out a night.

Posted on Oct 2nd 2018

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