Limo Etiquette Tips Everyone Should Know About


For several decades now, the limousine industry has strived to offer its clients the most luxurious transportation experiences. While all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the concierge aid provided by limo services such as our car service in Nashville, there are certain specific rules you should be aware of as a limousine passenger.

It has come to the attention of our limo service in Nashville that there is a substantial part of the population that is oblivious to these simple etiquette rules. We have therefore taken the initiative to list some of the most important tips, and we hope it makes your next limousine ride pleasant for both you and your service provider.

Make your Reservation in Advance

If you intend to hire a limousine for a specific occasion or event, for example, prom, a wedding, a graduation ceremony, etc., it would be wise to notify your potential service provider well in advance. This not only guarantees that you receive the model of vehicle you prefer but it also allows your service provider ample time to prepare the vehicle to your specifications and plan for logistics that will guarantee that you receive the best transportation experience possible.

Keep the Headcount in Mind

When you are hiring a limousine, it is also essential to ensure that your service provider is fully aware of how many people will be riding along with you. This allows the company time to make arrangements and avail an accommodating vehicle, which will guarantee a safe and comfortable travel experience for everyone involved.

Maintain Hygiene

Remember your service provider goes the extra mile to ensure that the vehicle you have booked is as spotless as can be before they pick you up. Therefore, it would only be prudent that you leave the vehicle just as clean as you found it. Avoid throwing wrappers and bottles on the floor or placing your shoes on the seats. Note, some companies will even impose an extra charge for making a mess of the vehicle.

Seating Positions

If you are riding with a group and a particular person bore the brunt of the cost or a certain person is the center of focus for the occasion, for example, the birthday girl, then the ‘Power Seat’ should be reserved for that person. Limousine seating is all quite comfortable but the seat at the back right is the most comfortable and is should be reserved for the occasion’s VIP.

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Posted on Aug 7th 2018

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