Mixing Business with Pleasure


One of the things that can keep us motivated in life is if our work is enjoyable. Having some level of fun each day at work is healthy, and it can lead to better attitudes. There are many things that a business person who likes to have fun can do to make their work more enjoyable.

  1. Have A Great Chauffer

Traffic can be stressful. It helps immensely if our work commute is handled by someone who can devote their full attention to driving. This allows a business person to focus on making or taking phone calls and planning their next meeting. Advent Transportation Services gives clients quality rides that make for memorable experiences. Nashville airport transportation becomes much easier when it is handled by professionals who are familiar with the area. Our customers can pick from a Chrysler 300, Lincoln Town Car, Suburban, or a Mercedes Sprinter, each suitable for any of our clients' needs.

  1. Work With Other People

When we work with other people, we accomplish more than we work alone. Having people in our life can keep us from getting depressed during the work day. Choosing friends who build us up, rather than tear us down, is very important. A healthy friend is kind and honest. An unhealthy friend is manipulative and does not care about others. Stephen Covey recommends that we strive to achieve a healthy balance of interdependence. Interdependent people do not avoid others. They also do not demand too much from others. A healthy interdependent relationship is free of fear, and all members are learning and sharing with each other.

  1. Balance Life

Most of us, if we are honest, have areas where we like to spend too much time each day. We also have areas where we like to spend too little time. Becoming a healthier individual requires that we identify both our comfort zone and scary zone. We must practice stepping outside of our comfort zone, and spend a little more time than we like growing in our scary zone. The best way we can overcome our insecurities is to practice facing them.

  1. Visit A Nice Location

Being outdoors is healthy for our brains. Places like Tennessee have beautiful mountain scenery. If we try taking some time off each day to enjoy our environment, that can help lower stress levels. Nashville has some great places that can raise happiness levels. There are tour boats and barbecue restaurants to try.


Having a great day starts when we simplify our life. Advent Transportation Services wants to take the initiative in making life easier for busy business people. Our professional chauffeurs can take you where you need to go in any of luxury vehicles. We like to hear feedback from all of our customers as a way to ensure quality services and to better ourselves. For quality Nashville car service, be sure to give us a call.

Posted on May 2nd 2017

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