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On the 6th of October a birthday celebration quickly turned tragic when a limo crash left 20 people dead, leaving a trail of shattered glass to tell the tale along Route 30 in Upstate, New York. The limo seems to have lost control at an intersection where it rammed into an unoccupied, parked SUV, rammed into two pedestrians, veered off road, and plummeted into a shallow ditch where a large tree trunk now lies, split in half as the last point of impact. Most of the victims were family and friends, amongst them four sisters and newlyweds, on their way to celebrate one of the passenger’s, Amy Steenburg’s birthday.

Due to the events of this day, our limo service in Nashville finds it imperative to assure you, our esteemed clients, of the strict quality of standards we uphold to guarantee your protection from potential threats and risks. In this post, we will be discussing some of the key measures our car service in Nashville takes to guarantee your safety and we hope this will go a long way in restoring your faith in the concierge car service industry.


Background Checks and Licensing

The very first safety measure we take is ensuring that all our chauffeurs are registered, licensed, and in compliance with all local and national laws before we can qualify them to drive our vehicles. We also take it a step further and conduct extensive background checks in an effort to guarantee that each of our chauffeurs are of impeccable character and that you and your property are in safe hands whenever our employees get behind the wheel.


Impeccable Vehicles

It has been alleged that the limousine involved in the October 6th incident had failed standard safety inspections, but this is yet to be verified pending further investigations. Nonetheless, we would like to assure our clients that all our vehicles are routinely inspected for operational quality and that any defects are corrected immediately, constantly maintaining the vehicles in pristine condition.


Online Reviews

Each of our clients is encouraged to give an honest review of their experience on our website and, as a result, our chauffeurs are regularly reviewed for customer service quality, ensuring that only high-performing employees stay with us. Consequently, you are not only guaranteed the highest form of safety, but also the highest quality of service delivery possible when you approach our car service.


Privacy and Data Protection

Our systems maintain a rigorous set of requirements that ensure your data is processed in a secure environment and that it stays protected. We comply with all local and national laws regarding customer privacy and our Information Technology platforms are continuously updated to protect all personal information you share with us.



As a final measure to guarantee your safety, as well as that of your property, our car service has covered you under our liability insurance policy, which covers you against any lability you may incur on a ride in one of our vehicles. Our liability insurance will cover any repairs or replacements you have to make in property damaged as well as any medical costs that may arise from the incident.

Posted on Nov 6th 2018

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