Smart Eating Tips for Business Travelers


When you're a business traveler who is always on the go, it's understandable if a healthy diet is not always at the forefront of your thoughts. Between high-calorie snacks at the airport, quick fast food stops between appointments, and delicious local cuisine, temptation is everywhere. With a bit of mindfulness and advance planning, you can stay on track with your diet goals by following these tips.

Eat Nutritious Breakfasts

Start your day off right by making healthy choices for your first meal. Choose foods with lots of fiber, like oatmeal, fruits or vegetables, to keep you feeling full and satisfied throughout the morning. An egg-white omelet with veggies is a deliciously satisfying choice. If your hotel has a complimentary breakfast buffet, filling up on fruit and low-fat yogurt will help you steer clear of the doughnut tray at your morning meeting.

Pack Healthy Snacks

When your stomach is growling after a long day of meetings, it can be tempting to devour the first food you can find because it's easy and quick, even if it's loaded with empty calories. Keeping a few healthy snacks in your purse or briefcase at all times will help keep you satiated so you can make better choices later. Apples, oranges, bananas, baby carrots, protein bars and individual-sized packs of nut butter are sensible, nutritious choices.

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Indulge in Moderation

Business trips mean business lunches and dinners, and sampling the local cuisine is one of the more exciting parts of any trip. Your healthy diet may be a top priority, but there's always that desire to live a little. If you don't want to leave Nashville without devouring some world-famous ribs, go ahead and order yourself some ribs! Just skip the beer and heavy side dishes in favor of a garden salad, and be sure to eat lightly for the rest of the day.

Stay Hydrated

It's important to stay sharp and focused while on a business trip, and your body and mind need to be hydrated in order to operate at peak performance. Air travel may dehydrate you, so drinking plenty of water is essential to helping you stay alert and effective. Water also helps you feel fuller for longer periods between meals, so we strongly advise to always have a water bottle with you.

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Posted on Jul 11th 2017

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