The Top 4 Wedding Themes for 2019


Honestly, you don’t necessarily need a theme on your wedding day; the most important thing is that you are officiating your union with the love of your life and that in itself is special enough. Nonetheless, coming up with a wedding theme makes the planning and execution of your wedding ceremony easier. As such our specialists came up with a list of some trendy themes you can choose to incorporate for your wedding in 2019.

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Below are some of the best themes you can incorporate into your wedding this year.  


The vintage theme is, arguably, one of the most popular wedding themes out there. Perhaps it reminds people of a time when people truly believed in the power and magic of love, and wedding couples wish to invoke the same spirit in their union. Have everyone dress in traditional black & white tuxedos and long ballroom dresses. Have the bride wear a traditional white gown and incorporate religious musings (if you are so inclined) to really give the event that old-school, royal vibe. The vintage theme is suited for all seasons and settings, be it indoor or outdoor.


A retro theme is a great alternative to a vintage theme, which some people may feel is a little outdated. Go back in time and give your wedding a classic, 1950s feel. A retro themed wedding would include bistro-like catering, colorful straws, vending machines, and a rinky-dink bar. We also recommend installing an old-school photo booth set to print vintage-style photos.


What better way to celebrate such an extraordinary event than jumping into the magical world of Alice in Wonderland? Or perhaps Cinderella? Whether you choose to wear glass slippers or revel with the Mad Hatter, a Fantastical Theme will guarantee that your wedding starts and ends with a mystical bang that is sure to thrill everyone in attendance. We recommend incorporating bright colors, unearthly décor, and flamboyant props to make the event a fantasy wonderland.


The Colorful Theme is all about being fearless with color usage. Forget the traditional black & white and the conventional pastel pink and be bold enough to incorporate an assortment of colors that will really make your wedding pop. Think of a Mexican fiesta, a Caribbean carnival, a colorful field of flowers during spring, and alternative clothing that doesn’t quite fit into the vintage black, white, and ivory wedding clichés.

Posted on Mar 12th 2019

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