The World’s Best Beaches to Visit in 2019


What do you think of when you think of yourself on vacation? We are certain that most people imagine themselves somewhere on a beautiful beach sipping on freshly squeezed juice, or perhaps something stronger. Well, if this sounds like you, then our specialists found the perfect beach settings to make your dreams come true this year

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Below are some of our favorite picks from around the world, choose one, or more, and turn your tropical fantasy into a reality.

Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay beach is located on St. John in the U.S Virgin Islands. Most critics have pointed out Trunk Bay as the best beach on the islands. You will find the beach in the Virgin Islands National Park and, here, you will be enchanted by its soft white sands, sky-blue waters, and a naturally formed 225-yard underwater snorkeling stretch. There is no beach quite like Trunk Bay on United States territory.

Pinney's Beach

Pinney’s Beach is an extensive beach located on the island of Nevis in the West Indies. You can access the beach form the capital, Charlestown. This quiet, tropical beach will not only offer you sand, sunshine, and bright-blue waves, but you will also get the chance to enjoy limited local shops where you can purchase souvenirs, the Sunshine Beach Bar where you can mingle with the locals, and a small museum dedicated to the founding father, Alexander Hamilton, who was born in the West Indies.

Seagrass Bay

Head over to Laucala in Fiji and enjoy this 7 square-mile private island surrounded by white sands. The island itself is engulfed in beautiful tropical jungle that is home to some of the world’s rarest birds and animals. The waters surrounding the island are also laden with alluring marine life. We recommend Seagrass Bay because it is the most secluded and quietest beaches on the island, which will give you an opportunity to truly relax and soak in the beauty of this exotic destination.

Sunset Beach

You will find Sunset Beach on the North shore of the Oahu Island in Hawaii. This is one of the few places you will find people enjoying surfing during the winter season. During summer, however, the waters around the island become as calm as a lake, making it the perfect time to go swimming or snorkeling in the deep blue. At the end of the day, stay a while and watch the sun disappear into the ocean, and you will understand why they called it Sunset Beach.

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Posted on Mar 19th 2019

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