Top 3 Reasons to Mix Business with Pleasure When Traveling


In an increasingly competitive business world, many businesses think outside the box when it comes to relating to their clients and employees. From organizing informal business dinners to spending a day at the golf course, a lot of businesses started to realize the importance of expanding businesses relations beyond the office setting. You may be apprehensive about this unconventional approach, but our limo service in Nashville has come up with a few compelling reasons why it’s a good reason to mix business and pleasure.

However, as you make the transition from the office setting to a more informal setting, we still insist that a certain level of professionalism be maintained. One way to do this is by contracting the services of a reliable car service such as our Nashville airport shuttle. This will, not only, provide you and your employees/clients a luxurious way to get around, but it will also act as a proof of how much you value them and their comfort, which will, in turn, strengthen your ties and fortify your relationship.

Here are a few more compelling reasons for mixing business with pleasure.

Business and Friendship go Hand-in-Hand

You may call them clients and only see them as cogs in the wheel of your business. But the reality is; great business relationships only emanate where there are strong friendships. As such, you can’t afford to compartmentalize your clients in just those boxes. You have to make an effort to form a relationship that transcends work. Be creative and create scenarios that give you the opportunity to relate freely in an honest and friendly manner. For example, brunches, sports events, family days, company retreats, etc.

Inspiring Creativity Amongst Employees

Creating scenarios where your employees can interact freely will not only inspire workplace cohesion but also spark creativity. Most people only interact with the people in their departments and, while this may be somewhat effective, it can quickly become monotonous and the department may find itself running out of steam. By allowing employees from different departments interact freely in a non-work setting, you will see different mindsets clash and collide, inspiring creative solutions that may not have been realized at the departmental levels.

Healthy Work Environment

Treating your clients/employees as just that and conducting yourself in a particular way between 8 am and 5 pm, then having to change character when you meet your friends and family afterward can be quite exhausting. It starts to feel as though you are living two separate lives that are completely secret from one another. This is why most people do not like going to work; they know they have to put on a certain persona throughout the day. 

However, when you blend business with pleasure and create true friendships with your clients and employees, none of you have to put on a show and everything feels fluid, creating a healthy, satisfying work environment.

Posted on Mar 26th 2019

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