Top Honeymoon Destinations in Nashville


Nashville, the capital City of Music, legendary barbeque, and whiskey is also home to some of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Whether you are a Nashville native or you are simply looking for a place to escape and enjoy a romantic time with your sweetheart, check out some of these awesome locations that are the perfect honeymoon getaway. You may also want to consider our car service in Nashville for a more luxurious experience; you only get to go on honeymoon once, and you deserve to celebrate the union you have officiated in style.

The Hermitage Hotel

The Hermitage Hotel is one of the Music City’s most luxurious hotels and has managed to stay relevant for over a century now, having been opened in 1908. The hotel has housed over six presidents, including Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, as well as famous/infamous people such as Al Capone, Bette Davis, and Greta Garbo, so you will essentially be surrounded by decades of history, which is pretty cool.

The lobby at the Hermitage is studded with classic Italian marble, Russian walnut paneling, and stained-glass ceilings, yet with all this old-school decor, the rooms have been updated to 21st century standards to provide you with all the modern amenities you could ever need. We recommend that you try the charming Capitol Grille at the lower level of the hotel for a romantic dinner if you want to make your experience extra special.

Hotel Indigo

Located in Downtown Nashville, Hotel Indigo is another romantic destination, perfect for a honeymoon getaway. The hotel was opened in 2010 when two buildings built during the Great Depression in the 1930s were combined to create about 100 guest rooms, 20 apartments, and almost six floors of office space. While the hotel’s exterior demonstrates the rich history of Nashville, the interior is the epitome of modern hotel luxuries, giving the establishment a hip, contemporary ambiance. Additionally, being located in downtown, attractions are only a walking distance away. We recommend that you try Printer’s Alley, an artistic district where popular artists such as Waylon Jennings, Chet Atkins, and Hank Williams have performed in the past.

Union Station

Do you want a vintage, fairy-tale like honeymoon? Well, Nashville has got just what you need. Union Station will take you back to an era when the city streets were filled with horses and carriages as opposed to modern locomotives. Union Station was built over a century ago in 1900; the railroad once featured alligator ponds and was used to send famous gangster Al Capone to prison. The station has since been converted to a world-class hotel that is surrounded by some of Nashville’s most stunning attractions. You will be fascinated by the recently restored lobby that features a 65-foot ceiling and one-hundred-year-old stained-glass windows that are bound to invoke a sense of wonder and boost your mood for a romantic escape. Union Station is the perfect combination of elegance and magnificence, which is certain to make your honeymoon decampment unforgettable.

Posted on Apr 24th 2018

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