Top Restaurants You Should Visit in Nashville


The Music City, as the name suggests, has predominantly been known for its music for a long time. Some people think that Nashville exudes a vibe similar to the magical one of ancient Greek ruins, which is pretty flattering for residents. Nashville is, however, blooming and it is starting to be recognized as more than just a music city, but also as an excellent culinary destination.

While new spots pop up every day, for this article we have decided to introduce you to some of the more seasoned establishments in the city. Choose our Nashville car service for a comfortable and luxurious ride to any one of these restaurants that form a part of the base of the Music City’s newfound recognition.

Prince's Hot Chicken Shack

Prince's Hot Chicken Shack is one of the oldest restaurants in Nashville. Founded over 70 years ago, Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack is widely acclaimed by Nashvillians for its mouthwatering chicken pieces. Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack was honored with a James Beard Foundation for America's Classic award in 2013 for its exemplary 7-decade service. It would be a crime to leave Nashville without at least popping into this restaurant and trying what is probably Nashville’s best deep-fried poultry masterpiece.

Merchant's Restaurant

Merchant’s Restaurant offers two equally unique dining options. On the first floor is a setting decorated with beautiful tiles and marble counters. This section is a super-casual lounge that serves drinks along with pocket friendly meals; this is the place to be if you simply want to hang out with a friend for a quick lunch or just a drink.

The second dining location is found on the second floor where you will experience a pricier dining setting. This section of the restaurant is a wood-paneled eating place that has a more executive feel than the first floor. This is the place you want to be in if you want to impress your date or have a quick business-related meeting over lunch.

MAFIAoZA's Pizzeria & Pub

If you suddenly find yourself in the mood for a delicious pizza in Nashville, this Italian restaurant offers a classic Italian menu and a long list of beers and wines. MAFIAoZA's brings an early 90’s New York vibe to Nashville. The pizzeria’s specialty is a thin-crust pizza that you can get either by the slice, or you can choose the whole pie. The atmosphere here is family-friendly, and their patio is a great place to enjoy your pizza and a glass of wine.

Martin's Bar-B- Que Joint

This is the perfect restaurant when you want to have dinner in style with your friends. Try the classic pork BBQ sandwich with Sweet Dixie Sauce, and if you find that you’re not a fan of Southern-style barbecue, there is a long list of delicious foods on the menu that might interest you. For example, fried bologna sandwiches, turkey legs, the redneck taco are the best choices. Check out their news section to find out about the latest events and food festivals they are organizing.

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Posted on Sep 26th 2017

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