Top Team Building Ideas for your Company


Team building activities are by no means a waste of time. These exercises work on our subconscious and are geared towards creating a smooth, productive, and proactive work environment. However, if you do not choose the right activities for your team building exercises, the entire initiative may end up backfiring. This is what our Limo Service in Nashville is here for - to make sure that doesn’t happen. This week we will share some of the most effective team building exercises that you can apply in your own company for a more sublime and satisfactory work environment. Additionally, if these team building exercises lead you outside of the office, consider hiring our professional Car Service in Nashville for your transportation needs to make the event that much more memorable for your employees.

A Cook-Off

It safe to say that we all enjoy our food, some more than others, but this is something we all have in common. A cook-off could either end very well or be a complete disaster, but no matter the outcome, this is a fun bonding experience for the team. Creating dishes together will require creativity and coordination; it demands that every participant put their leadership and interpersonal skills to use. One way to go about a cook-off is to divide your employees into small teams with each team creating a separate dish. After all the dishes are ready, have everyone sample a bit of each and vote for the most delicious. This activity will subconsciously reinforce your employees’ capacity for team-work and ultimately make them more coordinated and productive.

Volunteer Work

One of the most effective ways to bond and build character within your team is to participate in volunteer work together. Simply find a worthy cause; you could search for shelters, children’s homes, hospitals, etc. within your community and make arrangements to either donate some cash as a team or, even better, pick a day to spend at whatever establishment you have settled on. Nothing brings people together like sharing in a worthy cause; try it out with your employees.

A Scavenger Hunt

This is one of our favorite team building activities; it is a chance to be silly and goofy together. We have found that companies that perform well do so because the employees are more of friends than workmates; there is a certain level of cohesion within the workplace that can only be achieved if the team is relaxed with each other.

Give employees a timeline to accomplish a certain task. For example, to take a photograph with a stranger wearing a white hat or have two teams compete to retrieve a certain item from a secret location; anything challenging you can think of, really. This allows your team to have fun together, strengthen their interpersonal skills, and get to work with people from different departments.


Improv events are interactive experiences that will absolutely crack your ribs. Improv will also improve your employees’ communication skills as well as other soft skills such as trust and focus. Depending on your preference, you could invite professionals to entertain your employees or have them play the Improv games themselves (which we highly recommend).

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Posted on Mar 27th 2018

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