Top Tips to Stay Productive While You Travel


Travelling for business can be seriously rewarding. It enables you to connect with clients and colleagues from around the world, experience new places and meet a whole host of interesting people. However, there are many challenges that come along with it.

Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can manage the demands of your busy life in order to stay productive and not lose focus during your trip.


Use your tech

It is no surprise that portable technology can help you stay productive if you are regularly travelling for business – you wouldn’t dream of embarking on your next trip without your smartphone, laptop or tablet tucked safely into your carry-on. Make sure you take advantage of any free Wi-Fi at the airport, ensure that you have all the files and apps you will need for the journey downloaded and stored on your device ahead of time and that your battery is fully charged. You could even invest in one of the great selection of portable chargers now on the market to help you avoid the inconvenient downtime if you run low on battery power.


Rest when you can

It may seem counter-intuitive but if you haven’t slept or at least rested for an hour or so and enjoyed some quiet time, your energy and motivation quickly drains – along with your productivity. If you struggle with this, there are now some great apps available to help you plan your time effectively, so you can ensure that resting is scheduled into your day just like any other task.


Take advantage of hotel amenities

We don’t just mean the complimentary Wi-Fi! Stimulate your concentration with a cup of coffee or perhaps visit the hotel gym or pool to reset your mind and sweat out all the stress of your day. Use the desk area in your room or the hotel lobby to sit down and concentrate on any business you need to wrap up. Using a designated area rather than sitting on the bed replying to emails on your phone will allow you to concentrate more effectively, keep your work and rest spaces well defined and your productivity high.


Stay social

Despite the perks, it can be easy to feel cut-off when you are travelling which can cause demotivation. Use LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or another professional networking site to stay connected with colleagues and others in your industry.  Post updates from that conference on Twitter; connect on LinkedIn with the colleague that you met on that recent course. Staying connected in real-time will help you stay current, see the bigger picture and inspire you to continue working on what’s important while you are away.


Travel efficiently

In order to be productive you need to be efficient, so when you arrive at the airport you want to get to your destination as quickly and seamlessly as possible using a reliable, professional Nashville airport shuttle. Our chauffeurs provide exceptional airport transportation Nashville that will ensure you arrive stress-free and in luxurious comfort, refreshed and ready to get down to work.

Posted on Sep 19th 2017

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