Travel Safety Tips for Business Travelers


Meeting potential clients and closing deals is at the core of every business traveler’s priorities, but you must not forget to look out for your health as well. Remember, you are vulnerable when you are on the road, so take the right steps to protect yourself when you are out there. Our limo service in Nashville has put together a few tips that will go a long way in keeping you safe as you travel for business.

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Confirm your Insurance

Before your departure, ensure that you check with your insurance company to confirm that you are indeed covered on your trip. Inquire if there are any limitations to your insurance cover and understand the extent of your coverage. For example, if you take an afternoon off and take a bike ride and happen to tip over, are you covered under your current umbrella? Understanding the extent of your coverage will enable you to make informed decisions that have no potential to leave you financially disadvantaged.

Understand your Employees’ Travel Needs

If you are sending your employees on a business trip, you need to conduct a general risk assessment and ensure that the employees’ individual requirements are met and that the employees have been issued with appropriate instructions and information. This will reduce or eliminate certain foreseeable risks. For example, if a particular employee has a preexisting medical condition or allergy, ensure that there are appropriate medical facilities available in the area that they will be residing for the period of the trip.

Research on the Destination’s Culture

This is more so when you are traveling abroad; you need to understand how the clients in a particular country interact and conduct business. Take the time to understand how their behaviors and practices may be different from what you are used to, because failing to relate to even the subtlest cultural differences could have negative implications on your business agenda.

For example, some gestures, mode of dressing, body language, tones, greetings, etc. that are considered appropriate in your country may be considered offensive or disrespectful elsewhere. At the end of the day, humans will be humans, business or not, and people will only be inclined to work with people they feel they have a connection with. Therefore, make sure that you understand your audience; this could mean the difference between success and disaster for your trip.

Avoid Posting Location on Social Media Platforms

According to a recent survey, as little as 20 percent of people turn off location on their social media platforms when they are traveling. This is especially risky when you are traveling for business because potential thieves are aware that you have valuable equipment and information when you are on a business trip and this could easily make you a target. You want to operate under the radar and eliminate all risk, so if you must, wait until your business is concluded to post about your trip.

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Posted on Apr 17th 2018

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