Why you should visit Nashville this Summer


Among the cities that attract millions of visitors every year are Los Angeles on the West Coast and New York on the East Coast. Then there is Nashville in the south. It is more than just a country music hotspot. Nashville is what some would describe as a small town trapped in a city with a lot to offer tourists. It makes the perfect summer getaway for individuals looking for a destination with a little bit of everything. Not convinced yet? Here are a few reasons why you should visit Nashville this summer.


You will probably run into celebrities

One of the major reasons why celebrities love Nashville is that they don’t have to worry about being hassled by the paparazzi. The local VIPs often blend in with the regular folk, and meeting a celebrity at the mall or popular restaurant isn’t farfetched. More often than not, the celebrities are happy to stop and take a selfie or share stories with fans.


The music scene is the best in America

The music scene is the biggest attraction in Nashville. Dubbed the country music capital by some, there is always something being played in the city. But Nashville is not just known for being a country music hotspot. Jazz, rock, classical and blues are also popular. The biggest music festivals and events, including Country Music Awards, Live on the Green and Let Freedom Sing are hosted in Nashville. The best thing is that many of these events are free to attend, hence more money for food, unique experiences and fun activities.


Art Wonderland

The National Center for Arts ranks Nashville as the second most artistic city. If you love art, you can rest assured that Nashville will prove a delightful destination this summer. Take advantage of one of our Nashville limo services and head downtown for a pre-dinner art crawl with your friends to discover the works of the best artists locally and regionally. Don’t leave the city without hitting the Tennessee State Museum or Frist Center for the Visual Center.


Heaven for foodies

The hot chicken is one of the reasons Nashville made a mark in the food world. However, this city has more than just hot chicken to offer foodies. It is home to some of the most diverse restaurants including BBQ joints, classic Southern restaurants, speakeasies and more. The city also hosts some of the best food events each year such as Nashville Craft Beer Festival, Nashville Wine Auction, and Nashville Street Food Event just to name a few.

Whether you are in Nashville for the weekend, a business trip or a romantic getaway, you can rest assured that there is plenty to do in the summer. Your time will be all the more enjoyable if you take advantage of our car service in Nashville to make getting around easier. From art and music to outdoor activities and fun for the whole family, Nashville is even a more of a delightful experience with our chauffeured transportation services.

Posted on Jul 5th 2017

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