Wedding Planning 101: 4 Questions to Ask Potential Planners


Selecting a wedding planner is a big deal. This wedding professional will have to interpret and execute your vision for the big day. So it’s no question that you and your potential planner should have a positive working relationship. When interviewing candidates, consider asking the following four questions to get insight about their experience, work ethic and attitude. 

1. What is the timeline to plan my wedding?

An organized and knowledgeable planner should accurately quote you the time and cost required to plan your wedding. Additionally, they will be able to explain their process for planning. 

2. Will the planner be the primary contact person?

It's important to know if you will have one person to contact for questions or concerns or if you will work directly with third-party vendors. If you are not satisfied by a vendors service e.g., musicians, florists, photographers etc., you will need to know if you or the wedding coordinator will speak with them directly. 

3. Will the planner be onsite at all of my wedding events?

It’s important not to assume too little or too much.  If you want a wedding planner that is there for your big day, be sure to ask if they will be present and will they have assistants as well. 

4. Are references available?

Successful planners should be ready, willing and able to provide references for previous weddings from brides and grooms. Take note of these tidbits, because it gives you a jumping off point for a conversation with that couple when you contact them for a reference.

So there you have it: Four essential questions you should ask potential planners. Above all, make sure to do your due diligence to learn as much as you can about these planners before you sign a contract or put down a deposit. 

Posted on Sep 9th 2019

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