What’s Your Travel Persona?


Just as people have a work persona, a school persona, and a home persona, they also have a travel persona, at least according to an article on the Smarter Travel website. If you’re planning a trip, knowing what kind of travel persona can save you some serious headaches the next time you board a plane to embark on your next adventure. Here’s a look at some of the travel-persona types and suggestions on how to make travel better for each type. See which travel persona fits you.


The Pampered Luxury Traveler

This traveler represents about 13% of travelers. You might be a luxury traveler if you wouldn’t dream of not taking a limo to the Nashville airport; if you purposely travel to London so that you can shop Heathrow duty-free; and if you choose a hotel based on its massage schedule.


For you, travel gives you the opportunity to get away from it all and be completely pampered in the process. There are some smart ways to make the most of your luxury travel trip. First, focus on the attractions you’ll see when you’re planning your trip. Think a luxury safari ride in the African desert, complete with lions and wild plains. Second, make a list of some must-dos while on vacation. For example, if you’re in London, be sure to take in afternoon tea and see all the national museums. Third, plan your transportation ahead of time. Renting a limo in Nashville to get you to and from the airport starts the pampering early and ensures you’re not competing for a cab on the day of the big trip.


The Prepared Traveler

If you’ve made a list and checked it twice before your list, chances are you’re a careful planner. Yes, this is actually a travel personality type. For you, tools like Google maps, Lonely Planet travel guides, and travel apps like Flight Stats and Sidekix mean a trip with fewer unpleasant surprises. This travel demographic represents the majority. A full 58% of travelers have this type of travel persona.


For you, the word of the day is “prepare.” This holds especially true if you plan to travel abroad. To ensure peace of mind, make sure that you photocopy travel documents and keep them in your hotel safe. Also try and find out about travel credit cards so that you don’t worry about losing your cards on your trip. Finally, despite all of this, be sure to build in some fun. If a trip becomes more like work than vacation, you might as well stay home.


The Adventure Traveler

Only about 12% of travelers consider themselves adventure travelers. But what a time they have! If you’re one, you know that nothing beats taking a boat down the Amazon, hiking the base on Mount Kilimanjaro, or trying out the latest dinner special in Katmandu. To make the most of your next adventure, be sure to add some interesting destinations to your travel bucket list. That might include a visit to one of the top destinations on Forbes adventure travel list. Destinations cold include a trek to a monastery in Mongolia via the Trans-Siberian Railway.


Or it could include a horseback ride over the ancient landscapes of Iceland. Or it can even mean trek in the footsteps of your favorite literary characters: After all, what Game of Thrones fan wouldn’t want to take a mystical tour of the lands that inspired George R. R. Martin’s words? In other words, no matter where you plan on traveling, your travel persona demands that you come away from your trip with plenty of pictures and even more unforgettable memories.


Final Thoughts on Travel Personas

The key to enjoying your next trip is to know what travel persona you are. In other words, if you don’t like to get your hands dirty - and that’s okay - don’t book an adventure travel trip unless it includes hot showers and hot meals. Just be sure to book your limo in Nashville ahead of time to ensure a quality trip.


On the other hand, know that if you’re going to worry about EVERYTHING, then you need to really prepare your trip ahead of time to be able to relax. Finally, if you’ve already left for Mongolia and it’s only after you arrive that you realize you’ve forgotten your itinerary and that you don’t care, you might be an adventure traveler. Knowing who you are ahead of time saves you from wasting perfectly good vacation days worrying about booking a different kind of trip just because you should.

Posted on Feb 15th 2017

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